Sunday, July 12, 2015

Instagram posts

so, blogging isn't getting completed but I have added to my Instagram account.  To reach my account just stay on my front page and look for Instagram link. It will take you right to my account.
Currently in Vermont.  Saw an amazing balloon festival this morning. Just happened upon the last day of the festival.  Might just be my favorite event of the summer.  So far.  😄
There is so much more to come!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Falmouth, Massachusetts

So, the last part of our time in Rye, New Hampshire I got a bad cold.   So not much blogging to be done. Lots of rest and trying to lay low to be better for our week in Falmouth.  Falmouth is at the very beginning of the Cape and easy access to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.  I rented this same house last summer.  Two blocks from an adorable downtown.  Main Street, USA with some lovely shops and delicious restaurants and a terrific French bakery.  Yum!   So, we had some major storms her in Falmouth and even lost power for part of one day but the week turned out to be a lot of fun.  More on our week in Falmouth to follow.  Isn't this house adorable?  

Happy Hampton

When I was 5 years old my parents decided to move from Massachusetts to California. They had 4 kids, ten and under and no job waiting for them in California.  My mom really did not want to move.  She came from 13 kids and wanted to stay close to her siblings and mother. She wanted us to grow up with our 38 first cousins and live life in New England. Well, Dad was determined to leave the snow country and California won out.  We ended up in Hayward because my mom had one sibling in California.  Her sister, Anne.  So, off to Hayward we went and my parents were lucky enough to find jobs with PG&E and the Phone Company.  We were settled and beginning to make friends and enjoy the family we had close by.
When my sister, Elaine was 11 and I was 13, my parents sent us to Massachusetts for a summer visit. This was a way for us to get to know our East Coast family and roots.  Well, I fell in love with New England!  I love the look and atmosphere and wished we could stay longer.  We had so much fun.
One place we loved going to was Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.  We had three aunts who lived at the beach and we loved spending time with all of them in such a beautiful location on the New England coast.  I return to "Happy Hampton" as often as I can and will visit several times this summer.

Friday, June 26, 2015

The land of ice cream, lobster and lighthouses

We have had quite a few rainy days here during this first week of summer vacation and we were itching to get out of the house.   Once the rain cleared, we decided to take a drive to York, Maine to see the beautiful Nubble Light and have some delicious ice cream.  Two things we always have to do when in New England!  Lobster was not a part of this particular evening but my siblings did have their fair share.  I do not partake in eating lobster but I do enjoy watching my family get excited to devour this New England treat.  Can you say, "lobstah?"

Lake Winnipesaukee

For the past few years I have been lucky enough to spend a day or two of each summer on Lake Winnipesaukeee in New Hampshire.  It is the largest lake in New Hampshire and it is beautiful. My cousin, Mark and his wife, Nancy own a 38 foot boat that they live on each summer. The rest of the year they live in Florida. Tan all year round!  Lol.
They welcome everyone on their boat to enjoy their summer lifestyle.  I have brought different groups of friends with me and everyone of them have said that their day on the lake with Mark and Nancy has been the highlight of their summer.  Now that tells you how special Lake Winnipesaukeee can be with such generous hosts!  Thanks, Mark and Nancy!!

Father's Day

So it has been a couple of days.  Relaxing and visiting family has been a priority.  On Sunday we had a few guests over for lunch.  One being my Dad's childhood friend, Richard Ferry.  As my Dad always said, "they have been friends since the days in the sandbox."  When my dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a form of cancer) in 2008, we were all crushed by the news.  The doctor said he had about 1-2 years.  When Richard found out, he made it his mission to see my dad as often as possible.   At the time, both my Dad and Richard were 77 years old.  Richard lives in Florida and is a CEO of a pharmaceutical company that makes perfumes, sunscreens and Chapstick type products.  He is very busy. At the same time, Richard's wife was very ill. She passed in late fall of 2008.
He came out to California seven times over the year and a half span that my dad was ill. We saw the true friendship between my dad and Richard and heard many amazing stories of childhood in Boston.  Stories we had never heard before and will always remember thanks to Richard.
Since my father's passing in June of 2010 we have all stayed in touch with Richard and even have gotten to know his family who all live in New England.  Some in New Hampshire and some on Martha's Vineyard.  We have been taken in like we have known each other our whole lives.  That is because Richard has talked about his friend, Don, his entire lifetime.  The Ferry family know so much about my Dad, it is like they all knew him.  We are grateful for the love.
Richard continues to run his company in Florida at 84 years young and has even taken up marathon running! He was in Boston this past weekend and offered to drive to Rye to see us. We had a lovely visit.
On Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fluffernutter, anyone?

Growing up in California as kids we missed out on a special treat known as a "fluffernutter."
When my sister and I were young teens we were lucky enough to go back east a few times during the summer.  That was when we were introduced to the goodness of marshmallow Fluff.  Once our cousins showed us that you could make a sandwich with peanut butter and fluff, we were hooked! Tasty deliciousness for lunch is all we ever wanted after being introduced to a "fluffernutter." Who needs peanut butter and jelly when you can have a fluffernutter? On this trip we have not purchased any Fluff but I may just bring some home to share.